Needless to say, there’s not so much of them AND just maybe few are worth of some attention. But let’s take a look, what’s on the altar.

P.S. When i was in my teens, i loved Willowthewisp video!


Probably the only small value of this release is that it is handnumbered. So, kind off, limited. But try to avoid it, as there’s better OFFICIAL options of this one.

2014, Netherlands, Devilish Entertainment.

6Det Glemte Riket

Very rarely unofficial CDs are worth something good, especially if that’s just plain CD without any Boxes of other bonuses. This, however, is from album, that officially doesn’t exist.

CD, Single.

5Rochester, NY 2/21/98

No doubt, crappy quality, but – it has some bonuses like photo galleries, videos etc. included. And, also, the video material itself, which comes from 1998.

DVDr, US, Blackmetaldvds

411/4/95 and 2/16/97

Same as the bastard above, but it includes two live shows!

DVDr, US, Blackmetaldvds


Repeat, if you can, better go for official one. BUT. This one is white. Yes, white vinyl. Through, number of copies unknown.

Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, White vinyl. 2012, Damnation.

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Yes, we’ve had this single here already, this time – limited edition of 200 copies on RED vinyl. Might be rare, but there’s still few on Discogs from 5€.

Originally released by the band themselves in 1994.
Vinyl, 7″, 33 ⅓ RPM, Single, Limited Edition, Red. Black Hearts Records.

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Yes, God damn it!, the same ancient one! This time – BLUE edition. Also 200 copies. And, while looking into Discogs, more rare than his red brother.

Vinyl, 7″, 33 ⅓ RPM, Single, Limited Edition, Blue. Black Hearts Records.



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