Top unofficial MARDUK releases to own on Vinyl, CD or… VHS


Live Front Schwein

Through the fonts look like they’ve done with Microsoft Word (even if the colors are “french”), still a very rare bootleg, last sold in 2016 for already 40€.

Limited to 66 hand-numbered copies. Lathe Cut, 7″, Limited Edition, Numbered.

Burn Heaven’s Gate

Well, that 3″ CD looks pretty crappy, but there’s also some hand-burned paper and quite ok looking box itself.

Unofficial box-set. It includes a button, a papyrus scroll with lyrics, Fuck Me Jesus 3″ CD and a handnumbered card/photo. Limited to 100 handnumbered copies. Templo De Artes Negros, Bolivia, 2019.


Yeah, a fucking VHS with xeroxed cover… But for die-hard fans, it sure may have some value, considering there’s 4 shows in it from 1999.

Bootleg VHS featuring live footage of four gigs. Handnumbered and limited to 20 copies – xeroxed insert. No tracklist or durations on release. BrunShock, Austria.

Day Of Darkness – Warriors Of Italy 1998

Hell knows, how LIMITED this CD is, but still it looks quite good; made in Italy?
BTW, still available on Discogs!

CD, Unofficial Release, Limited Edition.

Victorius Weapons (Brazil 2008)

Audio quality, probably, is horrible, considering “live” and “Brazil”, but it’s very limited Edition and, also, on transparent 7″.

Limited to 66 copies. Lathe Cut, 7″, Numbered, Clear. Europe, 2011.

Dark Endless

Half-bootleg, if you ask us. There’s even two versions of it – this, misprint, and other also by Black Lodge, without misprint. Made in Sweden, looks very PRO, so what you’ll get here would be BootlegHD.

This album was released without the consent of Marduk, and without owning any copyrights.
The album was therefore reissued by Blooddawn (Marduk’s/Morgan’s own label) the following year with new artwork and 6 bonus tracks. Black Lodge, Sweden, 2004.

Dark Endless

Yes, Dark Endless again, but this time – on Picture Vinyl. Limited to quite huge 1000 copies, comes with different artwork.

B5 is a bonus exclusively with this release (recorded live in Norrköping (S), 21.5.1992).

World Funeral in Oporto 2003

Limited to 88 numbered copies and Made in Sweden, but that’s not the main reason this tape ranks so high. Here’s why:

In 2003 Marduk did an extensive tour to support their eight studio album ìWorld Funeralî. This would be the final tour with the vocalist Legion who was with the band since 1995 and is still considered by many the best frontman Marduk ever had. This remarcable performance took place in the soon after extinct Hard Club, a venue like no other, with itís rough ambiance, all made of stone and iron in the decadent riverside of Gaia, facing Oporto, Portugal.

Here’s No Peace

7″, Limited Edition, Numbered, Transparent. Tributte Recordz, 2015.

Limited to 40 copies.

Curse Of The Undead

Without much doubts, our Black Metal Crown goes to this gem from 1998. It’s vinyl, limited to 500 handnumbered copies and made in Japan!

Japan, Land Of The Rising Sun, 1998. P.S. There’s also CD version from same label.


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    Actually, browsing through some reviews, looks like, that Curse Of The Undead is of a shitty sound quality. But let’s keep it here, as it stays a really hard to get piece anyway.

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