Top unofficial MORBID releases to own on Vinyl, CD or Cassette


Considering, that this band almost un-existed, there’s quite a fucking bunch of releases it has – specially unofficial ones! Probably one of the most bootleged bands after three giants: BURZUM, DARKTHRONE and, absolutely, MAYHEM.

So, let’s dig into these deadly gems.

Crucifix Masturbation

It sure doesn’t look very pro-made, specially the CD, but limited to 333 copies – and has a nice album title.

CD, Limited Edition of 333, Compilation. Beyond of Death Records


There’s really not much to tell about this fucker. Limited to 300 copies. Probably. (There’s also other LP version, called “Death Execution”, probably made by same guys; or just variations of the same).

Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Limited Edition, 2005.

Rehearsal 07-08-87

Through it is limited to 105 copies, comes as a BLUE 7″, but come on! – Dead on cover looks life crap! Who would want to have this disaster in his/her own collection?

Vinyl, 7″, Limited Edition, White Label, Blue. Steel Victims

Poison / Morbid

Well, first of all, it was released in 1998, and, second: “Although the regular Morbid demo tracks aren’t hard to find elsewhere, this bootleg does include the “Tragic Dream” intro from the LP version, which is not included on the official CD reissue or any of the other bootlegs. Although Morbid did play a slightly modified version of this intro live, it doesn’t seem to have been part of the original demo”.

1998, Greece.

Year Of The Goat Vol.1-2

Looks like really well made tape and they also have quite a size of material. But, yeah, released in 2018.

2018, Diablo.

Deathcrush / December Moon

It really looks like it was made in The Phillippines… Or Russia.

Limited to 156 copies. A6 misspelled as “Cweirds Manheim”.

From The Dark

If you’re into alternate cover versions. Well, naked lady can’t be bad!?

CD. Us, Demon Seed.

From The Dark Past

Not like the one mentioned above, this release has full title. Also, more morbidish cover (?).


Disgusting Semla

Is Canada in Europe?? Well, who knows where is it made, but, as for now, one of the most available MORBID releases on vinyl. “One of the…”, as i said.

Vinyl, LP. 2017, Die Hard, Europe / Canada.

Live In Stockholm

Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies.

Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition. 2005, Hell Slaughter Records

December Moon

Also limited to 500 copies. But, yes, this one is PICTURE LP. From the same guys, Hell Slaughter.

Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition. 2005, Hell Slaughter Records

Storm In Stockholm

Live in Stockholm, Strom in Stockholm… Anyways, printing and photoshoping quality looks amateur, but this LP is limited to 311 copies – and some of them are yellow! So, if you find one of them…

Vinyl, LP, White Label, Limited Edition. 2008. 311 hand-numbered copies on black and yellow vinyl.

Defiants Of The Church

Looking at other releases, production quality of this one looks very good. Also, comes with the flyer and two stickers and is Limited to 100 copies.

2008, Rotting Evil

Haven’t we forgot something?..


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